Semi Private Group Training

Are you looking to train or just workout? Semi-private resistance training (up to 4 women) will get you to your goals 8-12 months faster. This is a personalized training program where we focus on: form, mobility, strength, progression and longevity.  Small group training (up to 12 women) is the ideal workout for women who may be: new to fitness, want to move their bodies consistently, and try different modalities such as barre, yoga sculpt and Total Body Sculpt.

Lets Be Better Than We Were Yesterday, Together!

We assist thousands of mothers and career driven 35+ women in reaching their specific goals using the proven 3 pillars of nutrition, fitness and accountability. The ladies have the added value of working with registered dieticians to focus on root causes of: hypo/hyperthyroidism, PCOS, emotional eating, eating disorders and much more.


Semi-private resistance training is key to women who are over 35+.  If you are tired of trying different workouts and haven’t been able to reach your goals yet: keep reading.

Are you looking for a fitness routine that combines the benefits of personal training with the companionship of like-minded women? Look no further than our semi private fitness training designed specifically for small groups of women.

By joining this program, you will not only experience physical benefits like improved muscle tone and cardiovascular health but also improve your mental well-being by surrounding yourself with supportive and empowering women. Our semi private training environment fosters a culture of female companionship that can help you stay committed to your fitness and health goals.

With semi private training, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals more effectively than ever before. Our expert trainers will provide personalized advice, tailored to your individual needs and fitness levels, to ensure that you’re making the most of your workouts.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of semi private training with a small group of women committed to improving themselves and each other. Sign up today to start feeling better physically and mentally!

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