Studio Fit Chicago Celebrates our Member of the Month for February: Lyndsay Brelus

This February, we shine the spotlight on an exceptional member of our Studio Fit Chicago family, Lyndsay, known affectionately among us as “Linds, LB, or Lindsay-lou.” Her journey with us is not just about physical transformation but also about building a supportive community that champions every woman’s fitness journey.

Favorite Bar/Restaurant/Bakery in Chicago:

 Lyndsay’s go-to spot for an unforgettable culinary experience is none other than “Monteverdi, for the Pesto Gnocchetti.”

In Conversation with Lyndsay

Reyna asks: “What do you think makes Studio Fit Chicago a must-join space for ladies out there?”

Lyndsay responds: “The supportive community, accountability, and education stand out at Studio Fit Chicago. From day one, everyone is immediately welcomed. Reyna focuses on proper form and spends time teaching the basics of weight training. The approach has changed my mindset about fitness — a good workout with long-term results doesn’t require tons of cardio and a sweaty, red face. I’ve also learned so much about nutrition.”

Celebrating Results and Transformations

When asked about her favorite result from joining the studio, Lyndsay highlights, “Consistency! This is the first training program I’ve tried where I consistently wake up at 05:30 AM and am motivated to work out. The accountability and discipline here are something I haven’t experienced before. I’m stronger than a year ago, and my overall health has improved, with recent bloodwork showing my cholesterol is dramatically down!”

Favorite Current Song/Mix:

“Reyna’s Morning Mixes” keep Lyndsay inspired and motivated during her morning workouts, underscoring the vibrant and energizing atmosphere Reyna creates at Studio Fit Chicago.

Lyndsay’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative journey of fitness and wellness at Studio Fit Chicago. Her dedication, achievements, and enthusiasm for embracing a healthier lifestyle inspire us all. Join us in celebrating Lyndsay, our February Member of the Month, as she continues to set an example of strength, consistency, and community for women at Studio Fit Chicago.

To all the women looking for a space that offers more than just a workout — a place that educates, inspires, and supports — Lyndsay’s journey with us is a beacon of what’s possible when you’re part of the right community. Join us at Studio Fit Chicago and start your own journey of transformation and empowerment.



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