Celebrating Our July Member of the Month: Devan Picard!

Studio Fit Chicago is excited to showcase Devan as our Member of the Month for July! Known  by her nicknames “Dev” and “Dove,” Devan exemplifies the spirit of commitment and enthusiasm that our community cherishes.

Get to Know Dev

  • Nickname: Dev, Dove
  • Favorite Bar, Restaurant, and Bakery in Chicago:
    • Bar: The Duck Inn in Bridgeport—Devan’s go-to spot for great ambiance and even better drinks.
    • Restaurant: Recently discovered Downstate donuts in Uptown, a bakery that specializes in potato-based donuts, quickly becoming a favorite treat.

Why You Should Join Studio Fit Chicago?

Devan advocates for investing in oneself. At Studio Fit Chicago, she finds not only a distraction-free space to focus on her fitness but also a community of strong, fun women. This environment helps her be her best self—physically and mentally.

Favorite Fitness Result from STC Boss Year:

“I am so much stronger, confident, and informed about not just what makes my body function, but function well. Also, my mental health is impacted in a great way; SFC is a really healthy outlet for stress and anxiety, and there’s always more challenges to look forward to overcoming which helps me to not get bored and gives me a positive outlook for what I can accomplish.” Said Dev


Favorite Current Song/Mix:

Currently been listening to Open Mike Eagle ‘Brick Body Complex’ and SYLVAN ESSO ‘With Love’ cause it has amazing summer vibes. Highly recommend watching the live concert on YouTube because, as the kids would say, “it eats” lol

Devan's Reflection on Her Fitness Journey

Devan believes that SFC is not just about fitness but about building strength, confidence, and a supportive network. “It’s about pushing past what you thought was possible and continuously setting new goals,” she explains.

Inspired by Devan? Join us at Studio Fit Chicago and discover a supportive community that celebrates each woman’s journey. Together, we reach new heights, celebrate every victory, and redefine what’s possible in fitness and life.

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