Studio Fit Chicago Celebrates our Member of the Month for March: Reghmona aka Regi

Meet March’s shining star at Studio Fit Chicago, Reghmona, affectionately known as “Regi” by her SFC sisters. Her vibrant spirit and dedication to fitness make her an inspiration to our community. In celebration of her achievements, we sat down with Regi to learn more about her, her favorites in Chicago, and her journey with Studio Fit Chicago

Regi's Go-To Spots in Chicago

Bar: Linger Martini Bar, a cozy spot for evening unwinds.

Restaurant: Cooper’s Hawk, not just for the exquisite meals but also for the wine membership that offers a unique tasting experience.

Bakery: Pierre’s Bakery, where every sweet treat is a delight.

Why Join Studio Fit Chicago?

When asked why other ladies should join Studio Fit Chicago, Regi passionately spoke, “So they can workout with a community of strong, determined bad bitches from all walks of life.” It’s this sense of empowerment and solidarity that sets our community apart, creating a space where every woman can find her strength and confidence.

Regi's Favorite Achievements

Reflecting on her time with us, Regi’s favorite result from joining the Studio Fit Boss Year is “gaining a fondness for working out.” It’s more than just routine; it’s about looking forward to each session and embracing the journey towards personal wellness.

Tune of the Month

And what’s currently fueling Regi’s workouts? Her favorite track, “Energy Budget” by Toni Jones, sets the perfect tempo for her fitness sessions, embodying the empowering atmosphere of Studio Fit Chicago. As Regi would say, “bad bitches from all walks of life!”

Join Our Community

Regi’s story is just one of many that illuminate the transformative power of our community at Studio Fit Chicago. Her journey from a newcomer to a fitness enthusiast showcases the supportive and motivating environment we’re proud to offer. If you’re looking for a place to start your fitness journey, surrounded by determined and inspiring women, look no further than Studio Fit Chicago.

We’re more than just a gym; we’re a community where every member, like Regi, contributes to a tapestry of empowerment, strength, and health. Join us and discover your own path to wellness while making lifelong friends along the way.



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